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Welcome to the Tactical Safety Network. The Tactical Safety Network, or TacSafe for short, was created to provide Army safety managers with tools and resources to help them in managing their organization safety programs. When I first began working in Army safety more than twenty years ago, I realized that there were very few resources available to help safety managers in their daily jobs. Now twenty years later, few improvements have been made so I decided to establish a website of my own dedicated to putting tools in the hands of Army safety managers.

Over the next several months, I will be building the website to provide tools in areas I think are most lacking. I have a real job too so this will probably happen more slowly than I would like but I will try to provide new resources every week. In the near future,

I also hope to establish a forum for you to share your thoughts on safety. Some of you have used my safety management tool TacSafe over the years. I am working to update this tool and should have it ready in the not too distant future. Of course, every version of my safety grams will be available as they are published and when I come across something interesting, it too will be published. Finally, I encourage you to send suggestions, requests, and any cool tools that you find helpful in managing your safety program to the Tactical Safety Network.

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