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The goal of an explosives safety program is to provide safety guidance, resources, and assistance for leaders to meet the needs of their mission or operation without unnecessary loss of personnel and equipment. Included in these goals is support to senior leaders in the safe transport, storage, and use of ammunition and explosives. Information available through this page will provide leaders, ammunition and explosives personnel, and safety managers with explosives safety resources to develop and manage your explosives safety program. The explosive safety resources provided come from DoD sources, other public sector sources, and the private sector. As always, the Tactical Safety Network welcomes your comments and feedback. Please contact the Tactical Safety Network via e-mail with your questions and comments regarding explosive safety.

DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Resources

link US Army Safety Center Explosive Safety Resources

link US Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety - AKO Login Required

link USATCES Explosive Safety Toolbox - AKO Login Required

link DoD Manual 6055.09-M -- DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

link DODD 6055.9E DoD Explosives Safety Management and the DOD Explosives Safety Board

link DODI 6055.16 Explosives Safety Management Program

link AR 75 -1 Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives

link AR 190-11 Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives - AKO Login Required

link AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program

link DA Pam 385-64 Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

link DA Pam 385-65 Explosive and Chemical Site Plan Development and Submission

link DA Pam 710-2-1 Using Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures)

link ATP 4-35.1 Techniques for Ammunition Handlers

link TB 9-1300-278 Guidelines for Safe Response to Handling, Storage, and Transportation Accidents Involving Army Tank Munitions or Armor Which Contains Depleted Uranium

link TB 43-0250 Ammunition Handling, Storage and Safety Feb 2012 - AKO Login Required

link TM 9-1370-207-10 Pyrotechnic Simulators

link TB 700-2 Department of Defense Ammunition and Explosives Hazard Classification Procedures

link SB 742-1 Ammunition Surveillance Procedures

link EM 385-1-97 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Explosive Safety and Health Requirements Manual

Explosives Safety Program Management Resources

link Department of Defense Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Organization and Policy Reference Manual

link Explosive Safety Program Management

link Sample Explosives Safety Continuity Guide

link Explosive Safety Site Plan Tools

link Explosives Safety Self Assessment Checklist

Explosive Safety in a Tactical Environment

link Tactical Explosives Safety Guide

link USFOR-Afghanistan Ammunition Handlers Smartbook - AKO Login Required

link Ammunition Operations in the Balkans

link Ammunition Operations in the Desert

link Training for the Dangers of IED

link IED Safe Standoff Distance Cheat Sheet

link Iraq Ordinance Identification Guide

link Explosive Safety Deployment Information

link Explosive Safety Tech Data Packages

Unexploded Ordinance Safety Resources

link UXO Safety Education Program

link Army Policy on Captured Enemy Ammunition

link Bombings-Injury Patterns & Care Pocket Guide - CDC

link GTA 09-12-001 Unexploded Ordinance Procedures - AKO Login Required

link Unexploded Ordnance Training Support Package

link Unexploded Ordnance Safety Posters

link Miscellaneous Unexploded Ordnance Safety Resources

Blasting and Explosives Safety in Construction

link OSHA Guidance on Blasting and the Use of Explosives in Construction

link EM 385-1-97 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Explosive Safety and Health Requirements Manual

link Explosive Safety Guide for the Construction Industry

link Evaluating and Managing Construction Blasting Risk

link Blasting Safety – Revisiting Site Security

Demolition Safety

link OSHA Demolition and Cleanup Fact Sheet

link OSHA Demolition Safety QuickCard

Other Explosives Safety Resources

link Munitions Handling 101 Book

link 2012 Yellow Book - AKO Login Required

link Ammunition Logistics - Retail Guide - AKO Login Required

link Unit Ammunition Guide

link Care and Handling of Ammunition

link List of Common Supplies, Tools, and Equipment for Ammunition and Explosives Operations

link Explosive Safety Lightning Protection System Resources

link Miscellaneous Ammunition and Explosive Safety Resources