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Facility safety covers a wide range of activities that extend well beyond the workplace. From public safety, to fire safety, to safe off-duty activities, each mission has unique safety requirements. These diverse activites require safety managers and leaders at all levels of the intallation community to be actively engaged in preventing accidents and controlling hazards. The following resources are provided to assist in management of the Facility Safety program. As always, the Tactical Safety Network welcomes your comments and feedback. Please contact the Tactical Safety Network via e-mail with your questions and comments regarding facility and industrial safety.

Facility Safety

link AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program

link FM 100-22 Installation Management

link TB MED 575 Occupational and Environmental Health - Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities

link EP 415-1-266 Resident Engineer Management Guide for Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Project

link Facility Safety Resources

link Environmantal Compliance Resources

Public and Off-Duty Safety Resources

link US Army Safety Center Family, Off-Duty, and Seasonal Safety

link US Army Safety Center Water Safety

link National Program for Playground Safety

link Schooling Kids in Safety

link IMCOM Spring and Summer Safety Brochure

link IMCOM Fall and Winter Safety Brochure

link Give Your Home an Electrical Safety Checkup

link Family Safety Resources

link Off-Duty Safety Resources

link Outdoor & Recreational Safety Resources

link Water Safety Resources

link Sports and Physical Fitness Resources

link Holiday Safety Resources

Safety Inspection Resources and Checklists

link Safety Inspection Checklists and Resources

link OSHA Inspections Fact Sheet

link Hazard Identification Toolbox

link OSHA Compliance Inspection Checklists

link Standard Army Safety and Occupational Health Inspection Checklists

link Field Site Safety Checklists

link US Army Corps of Engineers District Checklists

link Sample Hazard Logs

link Miscellaneous Hazard Identification Analysis Resources

Severe Weather Safety Resources

link USFK Pamphlets 385-3 A Systems Approach to Seasonal Safety

link Monsoon Safety Video

link Severe Weather Safety Resources

link Lighting Protection Resources

Fire / Life Safety Resources

link US Army Safety Center Fire Protection and Life Safety Code Resources

link US Army Safety Center Exit and Egress Resources

link OSHA Fire Safety and Health Topics Page

link AR 420-1 Army Facilities Management

link TB 5-4200-200-10 Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers Approved for Users

link DODI 6055.6 DoD Fire and Emergency Services Program

link MIL-HDBK-1008c Fire Protection for Facilities Engineering, Design, and Construction

link Fire Fighting Risk Management

link OSHA Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems

link OSHA How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations Guide

link OSHA Emergency Exit Routes Fact Sheet

link OSHA Evacuating High-Rise Buildings Fact Sheet

link Fire Fighting Risk Management

link Fire Safety Training Resources

link Fire Safety Program Management Resources

link Fire Extinguisher Resources

link Fire Safety Posters

link Work Surfaces and Means of Egress