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An organization's radiation safety program provides safety guidance and procedures for the use, maintenance, handling, storage, and disposal of controlled radioactive items and other radioactive materials. The goal of any radiation safety program is to support leadership in providing a safe and healthful workplace for its personnel by keeping personnel exposures to radiation, contamination of property, and uncontrolled releases of radioactive materials as low as reasonably achievable. Information in this page will provides safety managers and the radiation safety officers with resources to assist in managing your radiation safety program. As always, the Tactical Safety Network welcomes your comments and feedback. Please contact the Tactical Safety Network via e-mail with your questions and comments regarding radiation safety.

Radiation Safety Program Management Resources

link US Army Safety Center Radiation, LASER, and RF Safety Resources

link 10 CFR PART 19 - Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers - Inspection and Investigations

link 10 CFR PART 20 - Standards for Protection Against Radiation

link 10 CFR PART 21 - Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance

link 10 CFR PART 30 - Rules of General Applicability to Domestic Licensing of Byproduct Material

link 10 CFR PART 31 - General Domestic Licenses for Byproduct Material

link 10 CFR PART 35 - Medical Use of Byproduct Material

link 21 CFR PART 900 - Mammography

link 32 CFR PART 655.10 - Radiation Sources on Army Land

link OSHA Radiation Safety and Health Topics Page

link DoD 6055.5-M, Occupational Medical Examination and Surveillance Manual

link DODI 6055.8 DoD Occupational Radiation Protection Program

link AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program

link AR 700-48 Management of Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uranium or Radioactive Commodities

link AR 750-43 Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Program

link NRC Regulatory Guides

link Federal Regulatory Guides

link Other Regulations, Policys, and Guidance

Ionizing Radiation Safety Resources

link 29 CFR PART 1910.1096 - Ionizing Radiation

link CECOM Radiation Safety Officer Resource and Information Library - AKO Login Required

link OSHA Ionizing Radiation Safety and Health Topics Page

link DA Pam 385-24 The Army Radiation Safety Program

link DA Pam 385-25 Occupational Dosimetry and Dose Recording for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

link TB 9-1300-278 Guidelines for Safe Response to Handling, Storage, and Transportation Accidents Involving Army Tank Munitions or Armor Which Contains Depleted Uranium

link TB 11-6665-227-12 Safe Handling, Storage, and Transportation of Calibrator Set, Radiac AN/UDM-2 - AKO Login Required

link TB 43-0108 Handling, Storage and Disposal of Army Aircraft Components Containing Radioactive Material

link TB 43-0116 Identification of Radioactive Items in the Army

link TB 43-0137 Transportation Information for CECOM Radioactive Commodities - AKO Login Required

link TB 43-0197 Instructions for Safe Handling, Maintenance, Storage, and Transportation of Radioactive Items - AKO Login Required

link TB 43-0216 Safety and Hazard Warnings for Operation and Maintenance of TACOM Equipment - AKO Login Required

link TB MED 521 Management and Control of Diagnostic X-Ray, Therapeutic X-Ray, and Gamma-Beam Equipment

link TB MED 522 Control of Health Hazards from Protective Material Used in Self-Luminous Devices

link TB MED 525 Control of Hazards to Health from Ionizing Radiation Used by the Army Medical Department

link TM 3-261 Handling and Disposal of Unwanted Radioactive Material - AKO Login Required

link NRC Form 3 - Notice to Employees

link Radiation Safety Signs

link Dosimetry Handbook

link LORAD Handbook

link Medical NBC Battlebook

link Multi-Agency Radiation Survey Site Investigation Manual

link Radiation Safety Training Manual

link Primer on Tritium Safe Handling Practices

link Safe Handling of Tritium Sources in Radioluminescent Devices

link Radiation Safety Forms, Signs, & Labels

link Radiation Safety Information Papers and Fact Sheets

link Radioactive Commodity Inventory Resources

link Medical Field Notes

link RADIAC Meter Safety Resources

link Radiation Safety Continuity Guide

link Radiation Safety Program Checklist

link Sample Radiation Safety SOPs and Templates

link Radioactive Commodity Shipping Resources

link Radioactive Commodity Special Form Certification

link Radiation Survey Resources

link X-Ray Safety Resources

Radiation Safety Training Resources

link Radiation Safety Officer Training 40 Hour Course

link Radioactive Commodity Identification and Transportation Course

link Depleted Uranium Awareness Training

link UDM 2 Operators Safety Course

link Miscellaneous Radiation Safety Training

LASER and Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Resources

link 29 CFR PART 1910.97 - Non-Ionizing Radiation

link OSHA LASER Hazards Safety and Health Topics Page

link OSHA Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety and Health Topics Page

link OSHA Radiofrequency and Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety and Health Topics Page

link OSHA Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Safety and Health Topics Page

link DODI 6055.11 Protecting Personnel from Electromagnetic Fields

link TB 43-0133 Hazard Criteria for CECOM Radiofrequency and Optical Radiation Producing Equipment

link TB MED 523 Control of Hazards to Health from Microwave and Radio Frequency Radiation and Ultrasound

link TB MED 524 Occupational and Environmental Health - Control of Hazards to Health from Laser Radiation

link Laser Safety on Ranges and in Other Outdoor Areas Handbook

link Miscellaneous Laser Safety Resources