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The focus of a range safety program is to support realistic mission training without unnecessary loss of personnel and equipment. It should assist leaders and local training support activities in providing a safe realistic training environment. Ranges and training areas teach Soldiers proper weapons use and how to operate in a tactical and unforgiving environment. When safety is properly integrated into range and training area operations, it engrains leaders and Soldiers with habits they can take into real world tactical operations. This section provides leaders and range safety personnel with the resources needed to facilate safety integration. As always, the Tactical Safety Network welcomes your comments and feedback. Please contact the Tactical Safety Network via e-mail with your questions and comments regarding range safety.

Range Safety Resources

link DoD Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) Sustainable Ranges Inititiative

link Range and Weapons Safety Toolbox - AKO Login Required

link US Army Sustainable Range Program - AKO Login Required

link US Army Sustainability Website

link DoD Directive 4715.11 Environmental and Explosives Safety Management on Operational Ranges Within the United States

link AR 350-19 The Army Sustainable Range Program

link AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program

link AR 385-63 Range Safety - AKO Login Required

link DA Pam 385-63 Range Safety

link TC 25-8 Training Ranges - AKO Login Required

link TC 63-1 Warfighter Handbook for Combat Service Support Live Fire Exercises - AKO Login Required

link USMC Range Safety Pocket Guide

link NIOSH Followback Evaluation of Lead and Noise Exposures at an Indoor Firing Range

link NIOSH Measurement of Exposure to Impulsive Noise at Firing Ranges

link DENIX Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges

link Introduction to Range Safety and Surface Danger Zones Training

link Fratricide


link Miscellaneous Range and Weapon Safety Resources

link React to Fire TSP

link Weapon / Range Safety Posters

Training Area Safety Resources

link FM 3-06 Urban Operations

link ATTP 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain

link TC 7-9 Infantry Live-Fire Training - AKO Login Required

link TC 25-10 A Leader's Guide to Lane Training - AKO Login Required

link TC 25-1 Training Land - AKO Login Required

link TC 90-1 Training for Urban Operations - AKO Login Required

link MIL-HDBK-1027-3B Range Facilities snd Miscellaneous Training Facilities other than Buildings

link Confidence Course Checklist

link Combat Training Center Resources

Weapon Safety Resources

link US Army Safety Center Firearm Safety Website

link Range and Weapons Safety Toolbox - AKO Login Required

link Safe Weapons Pocket Guide